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IEAVS proudly represents universities and colleges across the globe. Be it UK, USA, or Australia, we have the best universities and colleges offering a wide range of courses that matches your need and preference. IEAVS provides immaculate tailored service to our fellow IEAVians and assist them in making a wise decision about choosing the right course and the right institution to pursue their academic goals.

IEAVS is an organization founded by individuals who once were international students themselves. We have been in your shoes and we understand the hardships of getting in to the right place. The admission process is often confusing, long and hectic. And it only takes one wrong decision to sabotage your international dreams.

Here is a personal experience shared by Mr. Piyush Shrestha, our Business Development Manager:

I went to the UK to pursue my higher education at the age of 18. I was very young and inexperienced. It was the very first time I was on my own and so far away from home. Despite being eligible to apply for a bachelor’s degree, I was advised to go on a diploma course by the agent I applied through. Soon after I came to the UK, I realized that I was misguided and I felt cheated. The cherry on the cake was when I found out that the institution that I came to pursue my dreams had ran away soon after my first semester break along with the tuition fees I was made to pay upfront. I was left not only with the broken dreams but also a broken pocket in a strange land.”

We don’t want you to go through any of these bitter experiences. And we are here to help. Our counselors work tirelessly to help you explore your possibilities and add wings to your dreams. At IEAVS, it’s all about YOU.


The first step – Profiling is done on our free counseling sessions, which are especially designed to know you better and get an insight of your personal and professional goals. This counseling session focuses entirely on you – your educational background and academic qualifications, your financial status, work experience, the career you want to pursue, the destination of your choice and your future plans.

Country / University / Course Selection

After creating your profile, we will guide you to the next step – Finding a right fit for you. Choosing the right course and the right institution is very important in shaping your future. Moreover, overseas education does not come cheap so, each and every aspect must be analyzed in detail to make a right decision. Our admission counselors’ will shortlist a number of study options that matches your profile. Now, the power is on you. You make the choice and we make sure that you make the right one.

Documentation, Application Review and Submission

A strong documentation is a must to ensure a successful approval of your student visa. A simple error can delay your visa process and might also be the reason for your visa rejection. On the other hand, the delays can also result in cancellation of your enrollment to your selected university or college. Our experts will guide you throughout the process – from providing you with a document checklist to assist you in filling out the application forms. Furthermore, our editorial team will carefully review your documents thoroughly to ensure all the details are accurate, up-to-date and entirely error free. Once the set standards are met, your application along with your documents will be submitted.

Interview Preparation

Our professional and highly qualified consultants are well equipped with all the knowledge and are familiar with interview pattern of high end Universities. After the selection of the University, we coach and prepare our students according to the interview pattern of the chosen institution to get the best possible outcome. The interview preparation sessions are conducted by true professionals and is designed to improve the student’s interview skills and as well as confidence. To gain the right insight of the student’s capability, we also provide required students with mock interview facilities to further polish their adequacy.

Visa Counseling and Application

After the thorough analysis and collection of all the required student documents, a visa application is processed. Our highly competent counselors and student support advisors will help and assist our students at every step throughout this process. As this being the most crucial stage for the students who are applying to study abroad, and it is in our best interest to help them to achieve their goals.

Our people are dedicated in helping the students with the right documentation and ensure that the visa is granted with no complication and delay. Our consultants have put in a lot of their time and effort to acquire knowledge about abroad studies and are dedicated to turn each of the application into a grant. Our highly knowledgeable consultants will also put in their best to guide you throughout your application process to any interview that you may have to attend with the High Commission. We will ensure that we will be with you.

Although this is the final step of the Visa application process, most of the other consultancies just stop there. But, it is not the same here at IEAVS. We mean it when we say we care and to show that we care, we also provide post visa services to make our student’s flying abroad experience hassle-free such as on spot ticket booking, foreign exchange, airport pick up and student accommodation. We encourage you to take the best of our services.

We are at standby and at your service. Contact us today for a simplified Visa solution and admission process.


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