Our Value Added Service includes a variety of add-ons from pre-departure briefing, ticketing and foreign exchange facilities to airport pick-up and accommodation facilities.



We highly care about the comfort of our students and offer a of range Value Added Services (VAS) to make their study abroad process less stressful. Our VAS includes a variety of add-ons from pre-departure briefing, ticketing and foreign exchange facilities to airport pick-up and accommodation facilities.

Pre-Departure Briefing

Moving away from home is never an easy decision. With all the excitement, there are a lot of adjustments and considerations to be made. It is always a challenge to adapt the new lifestyle in a fairly new land. New place, new faces and new culture – it can get very daunting. At IEAVS, we understand these chills. As such, we provide pre-departure briefing to our students whereby, our experts provide commendable insight to abroad studies and what to expect and how to manage the differences and cultural shock to ease the transition. This is a highly interactive session where students can also raise their concerns to the experts and prepare themselves accordingly.

We also help students and coach them on how to stay motivated to acquire their dream while in abroad without losing their tracks. Furthermore, they also provide quick and helpful tips on how to formulate right habits for career growth and progression in these sessions. Understanding the anxiety of the parents, these sessions also gives the guardians an opportunity to discuss their concerns with our counselors. Further to this, it gives an opportunity to the students to network with each other who are going to the same country and have a friend even before leaving the country.

Travel and Medical Insurance

One of the most important things we need before traveling abroad is, a high-quality travel and medical insurance. Various countries will have specific regulations in regards to their International student’s Travel and Medical Insurance policy. It is very crucial that students subscribe to the insurance services before they depart the country for higher education. As our commitment to provide service excellence, we are dedicated in fulfilling all of our client’s needs. We are associated with range of high quality insurance companies; depending on your suitability our counselors will guide you to find the right insurer for you.

Contact us to inquire regarding this service and let us do the work for you.

Air Ticketing and Foreign Exchange

Being in study abroad business for quite a while, we have successfully built a good connection with number of FX providers. Based on our relation and network, we are dedicated in finding the most competitive rate for our students through one of our FX solution partners may it be in cards, traveler’s cheques or cash. Besides this, to make our student’s experience more stress-free we also provide ticketing services from our travel agent partners and aim in getting the best flight deal for our students.

You tell us what need to be done and we will do it.

Accommodation and Airport pick-up Service

Two main concerns of the students even before they fly is (1) who is going to pick me up at the airport and (2) where will I sleep after that long and tiring flight. If this is your concern, we have your back. We provide airport pick up service and help to find budget accommodation services to our students. Our extensive network abroad in various countries will help you travel stress-free. All you got to do is talk to our counselor and we will have you sorted.


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